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100 years of US Stock Market History- 100 Years of Stock Market History

Worst 12 of the last 97 Years in the US Stock Market. What occurred in the next 3 and 5 years. Worst 20 years of returns for the 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio.

Details how total returns are calculated in the year and in a series of years. Total one year and series of years stock market returns. How are they calculated?

A very simple property of mathematics, taught in the 6th grade has an important role in the sequence of stock market and investment returns. Commutative Property of addition and multiplication

How continuously compounded interest is calculated and why it is important. Compound interest algebra and importance.

About Common Stocks Vienna. This is a short video on why to invest in common stocks of great profitable companies.

US Common Stock optimized Holding Period or Investment Horizon. This 8 minute video discusses the optimum holding period (investment horizon) for the S&P500 Index Fund based upon 98 years of history of returns for the index. Very interesting conclusions.

This short video discusses the relationship between losses and gains in the US stock market. After a year of losses in the S&P 500 how much must you gain to breakeven. What has stock market history said about the time it takes to recoup a loss? The math of gains and losses.

This gives an 8 minute overview of tax efficient investing and proper asset location. Tax Efficient Investing.

Bond Basics. How are bond prices calculated based on interest rate changes? Bonds prices heal themselves over time.

Bond Funds Duration and Immunization.. This video discusses bond funds and how they react to interest rate changes.

Connecting the dots with a Hypothetical Bond Portfolio. This video connects the different processes for how the mechanics of a bond portfolio works when interest rates rise.

Bubbles: Tulip Bulbs, Cryptocurrency and Housing. This is a video that shows and explains Robert Shiller's housing data since 1890. It also discusses large asset bubbles and how different asset classes are related.

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